Minh Vu

Minh views her job as solving client problems in the most efficient and advantageous manner possible, whether the problem takes the form of a lawsuit, a Justice Department investigation, or a customer complaint. Minh’s national practice focuses exclusively on the legal obligations of places of public accommodation, recipients of federal assistance, government contractors, and housing providers to individuals with disabilities under Titl e III of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act (FHA), and various state non-discrimination statutes. Minh is a recognized thought leader on ADA Title III issues who is known for her practical and business-friendly approach to litigation and compliance under this law.

Kristina Launey

Kristina provides clients collaborative, strategic, effective employment and disability access solutions and litigation defense, which minimize risk and keep in mind the business goals and realities. Civil rights and nondiscrimination laws, especially those protecting individuals with disabilities, can often be complex and individualized in their application. This poses compliance and litigation defense challenges for businesses. To navigate sticky disability discrimination compliance matters, employers and public accommodations turn to Kristina for practical, efficient, and effective compliance solutions and litigation strategy.


Eden Anderson

Eden’s focused on litigation, both at the trial and appellate court levels. She has handled scores of appeals in both state and federal courts in employment, ERISA, disability access, and wage/hour class action cases. Eden also defends these cases in the trial courts.

Ashley Arnett 

Ashley represents clients with wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination claims in the hospitality, food service, publishing, manufacturing, trucking, health services, and financial services industries. She has experience in employment litigation matters involving class action lawsuits on wage and hour and Fair Credit Reporting Act issues.

Marlin Duro

Marlin represents employers in single-plaintiff and multiplaintiff litigation, and provides counseling on various employment matters. With the ever-changing leave law landscape, Marlin provides clients with practical solutions. She also assists clients with addressing website and physical barrier accessibility challenges at their place of accommodation, which is a growing area of the law.

John W. Egan

John is an accomplished ADA Title III attorney who represents public accommodations, housing providers, and employers in single-plaintiff and class actions in courts nationwide. John has successfully defended clients in matters arising under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act (FHA) and all other manner of federal, state and local laws relating to civil rights.

Ashley Jenkins

Ashley assists clients throughout the country on ADA requirements and creating compliance policies and training programs. Ashley is dedicated to assisting clients impacted by Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and corollary state non-discrimination law in matters in both federal and state court, and in front of government entities.

Andrew McNaught

Andrew partners with clients to creatively and efficiently navigate the tricky terrain of California labor and employment law. He defends their interests in complex employment cases of all kinds. Employers in California face a unique, complex, and continually shifting landscape of state and local laws, rules, and regulations, all presenting significant compliance challenges, and legal and business risks.

Kathryn “Chris” Palamountain

Chris partners with clients to develop solutions to actual or potential litigation in a way that does more than simply address the current conflict. Together, they build process improvements that prevent future conflict. Clients face business-threatening lawsuits in areas of law with tremendous regulatory detail, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, the FMLA, the Equal Pay Act, and other federal and state nondiscrimination laws. Clients look to Chris to recommend efficient and pragmatic solutions that bring them into compliance with minimal disruption to the business.

Susan Ryan

Susan Ryan is the librarian in the Washington, DC office of Seyfarth where she specializes in ADA Title III, marijuana industry and gig economy research.  She compiles the ADA Title III Specialty Practice Team’s statistics on ADA Title III filings, which have been quoted in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, as well as in a Congressional report on proposed legislation in this area.  She is also an adjunct faculty member at the Georgetown University Law Center, instructing foreign graduate students in American legal research.

Julia N. Sarnoff

Julia offers clients practical, business-friendly, and efficient representation in disability access litigation, government compliance investigations, and structured negotiations with advocacy groups. Julia is a member of the firm’s ADA Title III specialty team. Her practice focuses exclusively on disability law and its impact on public accommodations under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act and corollary state nondiscrimination statutes.

Michael Steinberg

Michael combines an assertive and rigorous approach to litigation with a pragmatic, solutions-oriented mindset to achieve his clients’ objectives in employment disputes. Employers face a complex array of obligations under state and federal anti-discrimination statutes, wage-and-hour laws, and other potential claims by employees, such as wrongful discharge, breach of contract, and other common law theories.

Myra B. Villamor

Myra defends management against class, multiplaintiff, and single plaintiff employment lawsuits, including wage and hour, wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims. Myra represents employers before federal and California state courts, as well as federal and California administrative agencies, including the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and the California Labor Commissioner.