The Seyfarth ADA Title III News & Insights Blog is the essential accessibility law resource for every business that opens its doors to the public.

The non-discrimination mandate of the ADA and other state laws such as California’s Unruh Act and Disabled Persons Act require all public accommodations (e.g.  hotels, shopping centers, retailers, health care providers, restaurants, and private educational institutions), to take affirmative steps to ensure that their facilities, goods, and services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Navigating through these requirements can be daunting, particularly because of the constantly-changing regulatory and enforcement landscape– not to mention technological developments.  As a result, novel, challenging, and fascinating questions consistently arise.

Seyfarth’s bloggers – its ADA Title III Specialty Team Attorneys – will be drawing upon their own first-hand experiences in handling ADA Title III and equivalent state law matters to provide you with their insights about the most cutting-edge issues on new regulations, guidances, and court decisions, as well as questions on topics such as facilities accessibility, website accessibility, effective communication, and service animals.   The blog also contains links to important ADA Title III resources and tools to help businesses better understand and comply with their legal obligations.