Seyfarth Synopsis:  Is it a service animal or an emotional support animal?  Do I have to allow both?  How to tell one from the other, and the rules that apply.

We get a lot of questions about service and emotional support animals.  It’s obvious that there is a lot of confusion out there.  Here is how to tell one from
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By Minh N. Vu

Owners of commercial facilities and developers of multifamily housing should take note of an alarming trend:  Some courts are not allowing owners and developers to sue their architects and consultants for designing facilities that do not comply Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA) accessibility requirements.

The most recent case on this subject
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After a long search, the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department yesterday announced its new Chief of the Disability Rights Section (DRS), Rebecca Bond.  Among other things, DRS is responsible for enforcing and issuing regulations under Title III of the ADA and enforcing the law.   Ms. Bond was a Trial Attorney and a Deputy Chief of the Division’s Housing
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